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Photograph of the Month




 "Six or More Legs"



Photographer: John Bennett




 "Inspired by a Book Title"



  Book: "Kestrel for a Knave" by Barry Hines (made into a film called "Kes")


Photographer: Kath Davidge




 "Sky High"



Photographer: Kath Davidge







Photographer: John Bennett




 "New Beginnings"



Photographer: Kath Davidge


Previous winners: (if you wish to see any of these winning photos please email me, and I will send you the file)

2010 2011 2012
October Hartlepool (Black and White) - Mark Knight January Boiled Egg (Still Life or Table Top) - Mike Lee January Winter - Mike Lee
November Citroen badge (Cars) - John Bennett March Twig with buds (Yellow) - Nigel Uden February Reflections - Mike Lee
December Bude Harbour (Landscape) - Nigel Uden April Trees at Old Fleet Church (Trees) - Mike Lee March Natural  Form - Merv Turton
    May Water - Nigel Uden April Close up - John Bennett
    June A Postcard from Weymouth - Mark Knight May Sunrise at East Chickerell (Red) - Nigel Uden
    July Portland Steam Fair - Nigel Uden June "At Last " (Shoes) - Colin Giles
    August Happiness is ..... - Mike Hale August Mechanical - John Bennett
    September Creatures Great and Small - Lionel Eames September Glass - Allen Haines
    October Mountains and Hills - Colin Giles October Shallow depth of field - Mike Lee
    November  Night Time - Nigel Uden November Silhouettes - Colin Giles
    December Movement - Mike Lee    




January Outbuildings - Nigel Uden January Things that Float - Nigel Uden January Let's Eat - Nigel Uden
February Spring - Kath Davidge February Gardens - Kath Davidge February Flotsam & Jetsam - Mike Hale
March Transport - Nigel Uden March Holidays Home and Away - Sarah Gutteridge March Splash - Kath Davidge
April People - Sarah Gutteridge and Kath Davidge April Various Body Parts - Kath Davidge April Domestic Appliance - Joy Simmonds
May Evening - Merv Turton May Carvings - Kath Davidge May Landscapes and Seascapes - Kath Davidge
June Stone - Nigel Uden June Delicate - Merv Turton June Boring Postcards - Nigel Uden & John Bennett
July Buildings - Mike Hale July Street Scene (Urban) - Allen Haines July Summer - Kath Davidge
August Food - Colin Giles August Time - Kath Davidge and Nigel Uden August Looking Up - Nigel Uden
September Glamour - Colin Giles September Wood - Merv Turton September Harbours - Merv Turton
October Holiday 2013 - John Bennett October Patterns - Sarah Gutteridge October 5 - Richard Press 
November Autumn - Allen Haines November Nautical - John Bennett November Communication - Sarah Gutteridge




January Nature - Kath Davidge January Gardens in Winter - Joy Simmonds January Winter Visitors - Joy Simmonds
February Flight - Nigel Uden February Water - Colin Giles February Windows, Doors or Gateways - John Bennett
March Black and White (Abstract) - Joy Simmonds March Wood - Kath Davidge March Kitchen Close-up - Kath Davidge
April Chickerell - Colin Giles April Sources of Power - Nigel Uden & John Bennett April Monuments and Memorials - Allen Haines
May Old Buildings - John Bennett May New Life - Nigel Uden May Dereliction - Nigel Uden
June Camouflage or Garish - Joy Simmonds June Bottles - John Bennett & Kath Davidge June Gardens in General - Nigel Uden
July Metals, Gems & Minerals - Nigel Uden & Colin Giles - joint winners July Mark - John Bennett July Garden Close-up - John Bennett
August Street Furniture - Allen Haines August Abbotsbury - Colin Giles August Homemade - Colin Giles
September Film Titles - Kath Davidge (The Full Monty) September Fruit - Nigel Uden September Stones, Rocks and Rockpools - Nigel Uden
October Clouds - Colin Giles & Joy Simmonds October Arches - Colin Giles October Bridges, Viaducts and Aqueducts - Kath Davidge
November Nostalgia - Joy Simmonds November Landscapes - John Bennett November Autumn - Colin Giles


January New Beginnings - Kath Davidge            
February Trees - John Bennett
March Sky High - Kath Davidge
April Inspired by a Book Title - Kath Davidge
May Six or More Legs - John Bennett



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